Genre: Horror
Runtime: 77 min
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian

PULAU HANTU 3 is the movie that tells of Madara island reopened, now has a new owner. A series of mysterious deaths have been forgotten. Island Madara became increasingly exotic resorts and tourist destinations of young people into the most fun. NERO, KIMO, OCTA, and GABY took a job as an employee of the resort. When we reached the island Nemo felt like dejavu!Nero is no stranger to the island of Madara.

His friends were killed one by one behind a ghost island. Unfortunately, fear and desire to tell the horror death of his friends disappeared, as the presence of guests of the resort pretty and sexy. Aiko, Zarra, MONCA, Amel, RHEINA, Johanna, and even the resort manager, Monica, was able to get rid of fear and trauma of Nero. Nero and Kimo enjoy the scenery. Unfortunately, their fun interrupted after one by one of the resort guests disappear


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